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Cartoooo (wireless power tool brand)

Founded in 2021, "Cartoooo" is mainly engaged in the "Cartoooo" brand series of wireless power tool products. Its core is the application of lithium battery technology. It is intended to provide a convenient new way for car owners around the world to repair, maintain and escort their cars.

Brand introduction

Shenzhen Cartool Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional power tool enterprise under Shenzhen Carku Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in Longhua District, Shenzhen. Cartool is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of wireless power tool series products, providing a convenient new way of outdoor car repair, car maintenance and car protection for the majority of car owners around the world.

A new generation of Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Cordless Pressure Washer, Cordless Tire Inflator, Cordless Impact Wrenchs and other products launched by "Cartool"can perfectly solve a series of needs of car owners such as changing tires, pumping, cleaning, car washing, and starting outdoors. ; The matching detachable universal battery pack can be used for other products of the same series at the same time, and has functions such as emergency start of automobiles and charging of digital products.

Brand creation

Cartoooois a wireless power tool brand founded by Charles LEI.

In November 2019, Charles LEI and his friends drove through the no-man's land in Lop Nur. One of the cars had a flat tire. The weather was cold and the plateau climate was cold. They took turns changing tires,everyone is exhausted. He realized how important it was to have a portable set of power tools outdoors.

The creative Charles immediately organized the R&D team for development,and after many researches and tests, the first cordless impact wrench was developed in 2021. It adopts a brushless motor and has a large torque of 700N.m, which can easily screw 50 sets of screws. .

At the same time, Charles thought of his self-driving experience and found that in addition to changing tires outdoors, he also needs to pump air, wash the car, and vacuum, so that he can better maintain the car. As a result, a series of power tools such as Cordless Tire Inflator, Cordless Pressure Washer, and Cordless Vacuum Cleaner were developed.

Power tools are products that are frequently used by car users on a daily basis, and wireless is the future development trend, which is free from the constraints of time and space.

In the future, Cartool will provide consumers with more and better wireless smart power tools and improve people's lives closely around the corporate mission of Carku Group's "Smart Energy Makes Life Better"!

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