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CARKU won the honorary title of Pilot Enterprise in 2021

Source: Update:2022-04-14

     As recognized by the China IOT Industry Pilot and Innovative Application Model Selection Organizing Committee, CARKU won the honorary title of "Pilot Enterprise" of the 2021 China IOT Industry Pilot and Innovative Application Model. At the same time, CARKU Chairman Lei Yun was awarded the "man of the year" honorary title.

Winning this honor is not only an affirmation of the company's innovative development and application, but also marks a major progress of Huasxu in helping the innovation and development of the Internet of Things industry.

Leading enterprises

adhere to innovation and forge ahead

Since its establishment, Hua sixu has always put innovation in the forefront of development and paid attention to the R & D and innovation of product technology. Carku, the brand of Hua sixu, since its establishment, it has overcome difficulties all the way under the leadership of chairman Lei Yun, continuously broke through the technical bottleneck, and successfully developed a variety of emergency starting power supplies to serve the majority of car owners.

At present, carku has served tens of millions of customers in more than 50 countries on 6 continents around the world, and has successfully entered the public view.In addition, Hua sixu also vigorously invested in shake free starting power supplies such as single cylinder diesel engines and agricultural machines and high-power outdoor power supplies to meet the lighting needs of agricultural tools and outdoor power needs such as outdoor camping and self driving tourism.

In terms of innovation and development, Hua sixu has been working hard. So far, Hua sixu has won many awards, such as China Science and technology innovation and invention achievement award, Shenzhen Science and technology award, high-tech enterprise award and so on. This time, it won the "pilot enterprise" award in the selection of China IOT industrial pilot and innovative application model, marking another step in promoting the collaborative innovation and development of the Internet industry.In the future, driven by this honor, Hua sixu will continue to increase investment in scientific and technological innovation, play a leading and exemplary role, and contribute to promoting industrial innovation and development.


Person of the year--Lei Yun

As the leader of Hua sixu, chairman Lei Yun has always led the team to work in the front line of R &D, presided over and participated in the R & D of more than 100 startup power technology projects of the company, penetrated the spirit of innovation and breakthrough and overcoming difficulties into each work, won more than 300 authorized patents, and won many honorary titles such as Shenzhen local leading talent, China's intelligent manufacturing digital transformation annual pioneer .The award of the annual person award is not only an affirmation of Chairman Lei Yun's past insistence on overcoming difficulties and the courage to innovate, but also an encouragement to Chairman Lei Yun, who will not forget his original intention in the follow-up development, continue to deepen the application field of lithium batteries, and lead the team to adhere to the spirit of innovation and create better products.

In the future, chairman Lei Yun will lead huasixu to take innovation and development as the driving force, give play to the exemplary role of pilot enterprises while promoting enterprise development, and contribute our strength to promoting the collaborative innovation and development of China's Internet of things industry.






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